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Government College Women University Faisalabad


Date Title
12-01-2021 TENDER NOTICE NO.GCWUF/2020-21/09
01-01-2021 TENDER NOTICE NO.GCWUF/2020-21/08 (“Expendables” Chemicals )
30-12-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO.GCWUF/2020-21/07 (Equipments)
08-12-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2020-21/06 Expendables (Chemicals)
24-11-2020 Hiring of Engineering/Architectural Consulting Firms for Civil Works under PSDP/HEC Funded Developments Projects
28-10-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2020-21/04 (Computers, Printer & UPS with Battery, Heavy Duty Printer )
23-10-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2020-21/03 (Glassware, Chemicals, Permanent Equipment, Cleanup columns)
11-09-2020 Hiring of Engineering /Architectural Consulting Firms for Civil Works under PSDP/HEC funded Development Project
01-09-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2020-21/02
28-07-2020 Tender Notice (University Photocopy and Stationary Shop)
21-07-2020 Enlistment of Contractors/Firms
09-07-2020 Tender Notice (Construction of Boundary Wall, Alternation of Auditorium Hall, Construction of Class Room, Alteration of Laboratories, renovation and Annual Maintenance, construction of Wash Room, Alternation of WashRoom)
19-06-2020 Tender Notice GCWUF/2019-20/17
07-05-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019-20/16 [Heavy Duty Printers, Concrete/Cemented Benches]
07-05-2020 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019-20/15
29-04-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019-20/14 (Electric Items)
29-04-2020 Tender Notice Engineering Cell
25-02-2020 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019-20/12 (IT Equipment Multimedia Projectors, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Paper Reams)
25-02-2020 Enlistment of Contractors/Firms
11-02-2020 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019-20/13) (Mattress, Deep Freezer, Air Conditioner, Chemicals & Glassware for Project)
06-01-2020 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/11 (Lab Equipment for Project, Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, Water Distillation Unit, Water Tanks and Iron Stands )
16-12-2019 Tender Notice Civil Work
13-12-2019 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/10 (Lab Equipment for Project, Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, Water Tanks and Iron Stands )
04-12-2019 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/08 (Furniture for Class Rooms and IT Labs, Water Dispensers)
28-11-2019 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/09 (Anaerobic Chamber with Gloves, Water Distillation Unit)
27-11-2019 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/06 (IT Equipment, Lab Equipment)
13-11-2019 TENDER NOTICE GCWUF/2019/07 (Lab Equipment, Heavy Duty Electric Cables and DBs, Water Tanks and Iron Stands etc)
21-10-2019 Tender Notice (Auction of GCWUF Main Canteen)
14-10-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019/05 (Work Station, Computer Revolving Chair)
08-10-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019/04 (Sports Articles)
07-10-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019/03 (Mattress, Water Tank, Washing Machines, Deep Freezer)
04-10-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2019/02 (Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, Filtration Assembly, BOD Meter, Chloride MeterAmmonia Meter, TDS Meter, Vacuum pump)
16-09-2019 Civil Works (Submersible Pump 2 Dia, Partitioning of Laboratroy Research Purpose, Provision of WASA Sweet Water Tank, Provision of Wall Paneling and Ceiling Guest House)
05-09-2019 Civil Works (Renovation/Improvement, Turbine installation,Wood work, water pump installation,Aluminum Partition)
26-08-2019 Tender Notice (Addition/Alteration, Weather Shield, Renovation, Provision of Electric items)
09-08-2019 Tender-CGWUF-EC-19-1036
16-07-2019 Tender Notice-GCWUF-EC-19-846-Alteration Guest House/Repair of Turbine
12-07-2019 Tender Notice-GCWUF/2019/01 (Intermediate Prospectus & Graduate Prospectus)
02-05-2019 Tender Notice (Photocopy Shop )
30-04-2019 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2018/12 (Procurement of Scientific Equipment, IT Equipment, Video Conference Room Equipment)
13-03-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2018/11 (Printing of Examination Sheets and Procurement of Paper Reams)
07-03-2019 Tender Notice (Photocopy Shop)
22-02-2019 Enlistment of Suppliers and Publishers
08-02-2019 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2018/07
04-02-2019 Tender No. GCWUF/2018/10 (Procurement of Chemicals, Glassware and Equipments)
25-01-2019 Tender Notice (civil works)
03-01-2019 Tender Notice Civil Works
03-01-2019 Enlistment of Construction Firms/Contractors
28-12-2018 Tender Notice No. GCWUF/2018/09
27-12-2018 TENDER NOTICE NO GCWUF/2018/08